Video Recording Tips For Employees (Part Three)

Jen Paxton

One of the most overlooked aspects of creating a great video is actually the audio quality. It’s important to record your videos in a space with very little ambient noise so viewers with audio on can hear you clearly and the transcription platforms can transcribe your videos more accurately. Here are a few tips on recording quality audio. 


Ambient noise is the number one problem for catching great audio. The buzz of a heater or air conditioner, the passing of a large truck or emergency vehicle, and the dreaded construction site are all examples of ambient noise that can ruin your audio. 

Quick tips: 

  • Find a quiet setting with no distractions, turn off any fans or machines running in the room. 
  • Make sure no objects are blocking your phones microphone 
  • Keep your phone 6-12 inches away from your face for optimal voice quality
  • Mute your phone or turn on airplane mode to avoid interruptions
  • Don’t wear jingling jewelry and beware of creaking noises coming from your chair
  • When recording outside, make sure it’s not too windy. You may need to bring the recording device closer to your mouth to pick up clean audio.

Speaking Clearly

It’s not uncommon to speed up your speech or speak softly when you are nervous or uncomfortable, especially when you are on video.You can avoid this by actively thinking about slowing down your pace, taking time to pause between thoughts and enunciating your words  so that what you are saying can be heard and understood by your audience. In the end this will also help your video to come off more confident and polished. 

Quick Tips: 

  • Think about the words that you want to emphasize and deliver those at a slower pace  
  • Take time to pause between sentences 
  • If there is a word that you find hard to pronounce, practice saying the word a few times before you record or replace the word with someone else. 


Your body language and gestures that you use will help to engage the viewer, but you need to be careful of how much you use your hands and where they go. You want to have energy and enthusiasm, just not too much!

Quick Tips: 

  • Be open when it comes to your posture. Take your hands out of your pockets, uncross your legs and arms. 
  • Use gestures to reinforce your key points. Do a test run filming with no gestures and then with a ton of gestures, and meet somewhere in the middle that is natural
  • Make sure you don’t create any audio peaks by bumping the microphone or making contact with any objects.

See more Video Recording Tips for Employees in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series.

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