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Jamyr takes the pain out of scaling video content for recruiting so you can connect, engage, & hire more of the right candidates.


Scale Video Content for Recruiting & Onboarding

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Don't miss out on the best talent

Of candidates will consider a job and are 30% more likely to respond to a recruiter when hiring manager records a video

Lighthouse Research & Advisory

More applicants when job postings include video content


Of people agree a video of someone talking about a role would help them better understand a job opportunity


Jamyr products makes sharing employee video stories easy

Video Widget

Add one line of code to your career site (or any site) and you can add videos to any page right from the dashboard.

Video Collections

Group videos together without any editing right from our dashboard to create unique candidate experiences.

MP4 Video File

Download video files to share on social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, & TikTok

Video Landing Pages

Share videos in email, on social, in blog post, on your website by linking them to an auto-generated landing page.

ATS Embeds

Embed videos directly into your job posting to increase apply rates.

"Jamyr provides a fast & easy way for us to collect & share our employee stories...and the support is amazing!"
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Mary Paris
Director of Talent Acquisition

A Video Strategy Partner

We're with you every step of the way from curating meaningful questions to aligning video content with your hiring goals.

A Video Editing Team

Video editing is an extremely time-consuming process. Our video editing team will edit, transcribe and host all of your videos while you spend more time connecting with candidates.

Technology That Scales

Our tech enables you to scale video content for recruiting because our processes give you approval, but we execute on the tasks. We compliment and integrate with your favorite recruiting tools.

Video Interviewing Software

We are not a platform that supports video interviewing, but we are a platform that supports creating video content so you can attract the best candidates and keep them engaged throughout the interview process.

Video Production Team

We are not a video production team that goes on-site to record traditional marketing videos. We operate in a remote environment and process the authentic videos that are recorded by you and your employees on desktop and mobile devices.

An Applicant Tracking System

We are not a replacement for your applicant tracking system. We integrate with tons of applicant tracking systems so you can share video content on your job postings and beyond.

Jamyr makes creating video content easy.

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Unlimited Videos
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Easy Employee Experience
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Automated Transcription
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Branded Landing Pages & Domains
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Full Video Editing Team
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Feedback Tool (No Login Required)
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Quarterly Strategy Calls
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Analytics & Custom Reporting