Jamyr is in the TinySeed Spring 2022 Batch!

Jen Paxton

We are so excited to announce that Jamyr has been selected to participate in the TinySeed Accelerator Spring 2022 Batch!

TinySeed runs a yearlong, remote accelerator designed for SaaS founders, providing mentorship, community and funding. With the guidance of TinySeed Jamyr hopes to help even more companies find new ways to elevate their employer brand through video content.   

To learn more about TinySeed and the Spring 2022 Batch, check out the livestream announcement.

Why Jamyr? 

We all know video content is more engaging than text based job descriptions. But scaling video content for recruiting can be expensive, time-consuming, and inconsistent.

Jamyr makes this process easy with playbooks of thoughtful questions, a full video editing team at your service, and easy-to-use tools to collect and share videos - with no app to download.

Content Playbooks

Our customizable content playbooks make it easy to get started. Just grab the link and share it with employees to record video responses.

Easy for Employees

We surveyed tons of teams that have created video content. The biggest complaint was requiring employees to download an app. So, we designed Jamyr with universal links that won’t require an app or a password. Employees can preview questions and when they are ready they just add their name, email and job title then start uploading videos!

Video Editing Team

Our team of video editors are on standby, waiting for your video submissions. They will trim each video, transcribe in just about any known language, and host the videos (say goodbye to the Youtube pop ups!). You’ll have a default editing style, but you can add specific instructions for the video editor so you get the perfect video every time.


Our dashboard will give you high-level data on the best performing videos, but we’re happy to run customized reports anytime.


Our support team is with you every step of the way. We’ll set up a strategy session to make sure you’re creating content that aligns with your recruitment goals and customize your dashboard.

More and more companies are turning to video to highlight their employees and provide company culture insights. Video content increases candidate engagement and shapes your employer brand story. You know video content will differentiate you from your competitors. The question is - are you going to do it the hard way or the easy way?

Contact our team today to see how Jamyr can improve your candidate experience, attract more of the right talent, and reduce your time-to-fill.

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