Jamyr Video Feedback Tool

Brian Mooney

One of the biggest problems with some of the video tools out there today is around collaboration and feedback.

Most platforms either have an expensive “teams” plan and all of them require the other users to login and set up an account.

But we don’t think in-app communication is the way to solve this problem.

Because the last thing your employees, hiring managers, marketing team or executives want is to log into a new system or platform that they rarely use just to give notes or approval.

We recently released a Feedback Tool that allows non-administrative users to access a password protected landing page to review and submit feedback on how to edit the video, before they go live to the world.

Non-admin users will not need to download an app or remember a password to contribute videos or give feedback on videos that have already been created.

That means Marketing, PR, the C-suite, your hiring managers, the employee in the video, heck even your nonna, can weigh in on these videos before they go live.

Our super simple process just has them enter a password, watch the video, and submit feedback using a simple form. 

Here’s how it works…

1. Set a password for your page using the settings page in the Jamyr dashboard. 

2. Move the video you want to get feedback on to the Feedback stage.

3. Send the video link and password to the person you want to submit the feedback. They will not be able to see the video content until they enter the password.

4. The user will be able to preview the video, then using the ‘Got Feedback’ button, they will submit feedback and their name so you can follow up with them if needed.

5. You’ll be notified when feedback comes in which can be reviewed in the Feedback section on the videos setting page.

Check it out in real life here! Just enter the password: itsjamyrtime!!

If you want to create a video with Jamyr and test this feature out for free with someone at your company just fill out the form below and we’ll set up a time with a video strategist to plan your video project.

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