Jamyr & Niceboard Integration

Brian Mooney

We’re excited to share that Jamyr videos can easily be embedded in job postings on Niceboard.

Jamyr video playing inside Niceboard job posting

Why We’re Excited

By now we know that video content is more engaging than written content. Blogs became “Vlogs”, Podcast became “Vodcast”, and we think it’s time for job postings to get with times.
Interestingly, most job boards like Indeed, Monster, and ZipRecruiter don’t allow video content in their job postings, limit who can view the videos, or require the video be hosted on youtube or vimeo. Indeed for example only allows video and photos to be displayed on mobile devices for 50% of viewers. This is a huge missed opportunity because now we know job postings with video content get 35% more applications. This is exactly why we are excited about Niceboard adding the capability to add Jamyr videos.

What is Niceboard?

Niceboard is a job board software that makes it easy to curate job postings to one central place. Niceboard has made it easy for niche communities or creators, universities, VC firms, associations or even staffing agencies to create job boards that support their community or generate leads for recruiting. A great example of this is People Ops Jobs by Select Software Reviews.

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