Jamyr & Greenhouse Integration

Brian Mooney

We are excited to share that Jamyr is officially live on the Greenhouse Marketplace!

Jamyr Listing in the Greenhouse Marketplace

Job postings are one of, if not the most, wide reaching and viewed pieces of content in the candidate lifecycle. It only makes sense to make sure this content is as impactful as it can be. One way to make job postings stand out among candidates is to embed video content like video job ad summaries, employee testimonials, and information about your interview process.

That’s why Greenhouse offers functionality to embed video content directly to job postings. We created a custom Greenhouse Embed Code so your videos can easily be embedded into your job postings without requiring you to download and upload the video.

Check out these examples of a Jamyr video embedded in a Greenhouse job posting

Jamyr Video Embedded in Greenhouse Job Posting (Portrait)
Jamyr video Embedded in Greenhouse Job Posting (Landscape)

You can also link text in the job posting to landing pages with video content.

The process to embed and link Jamyr videos with your job postings is as simple as copy + paste.

Jamyr automatically creates a branded landing page for each video. Now those landing pages can display your job openings with a feed right from your Greenhouse job board. You’ll even be able to filter the jobs on a specific page by department.

Check out this example of an Account Executive Video Job Ad on a Jamyr landing page that is filtered to display only Sales jobs.

Jamyr Landing Page with Greenhouse Jobs Integration

Embedding and linking video content to your job postings gives candidates access to videos about your culture, employee insights, job details and more. If you use Greenhouse then we’d love to talk to you about how Jamyr can scale video content for your job postings and beyond.

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