5 Tips To Building A Strong Employer Brand

Jen Paxton

In this candidate driven market, you can’t just post your job on a few job boards and hope that you get applicants. You need to engage candidates by telling them about your company, what makes it unique and why they should come work on your team. This is where having a thoughtful and authentic employer brand comes into play.

Many companies have been investing in Marketing as a way to get more customers engaged with their brand but only in the last few years has this level of effort gone into Recruitment Marketing. Finding the right messaging to convey your Employer Brand can be a challenge and there are often pitfalls that even the most seasoned Talent Acquisition professional can fall into, so here are a few things that I have learned over the years to help build an amazing employer brand strategy. 

1. Know who you are

Your employer brand has to start by understanding who your company is and defining your employer value proposition. You can use employee engagement surveys to help uncover why your employees joined the company and what makes them want to stick around. 

2. Leverage technology for scale and ease 

Just as the popularity of Tik Tok has risen to new heights so has the use of video being incorporated into employer branding strategies. Now more than ever companies are engaging candidates through video platforms and widgets like Jamyr on their career sites. Not only does this increase the SEO of the posting but it makes the stagnant words on the page come alive. 

3. Authenticity over polish 

Too many times companies will have heavily produced, overly polished and scripted videos which can come off as disingenuous. Candidates are looking for real people that they can trust to give them insights into the company.  

4. Build Connection through stories

People love to hear real stories of a company's success but also the challenges that they have overcome to grow into a thriving business. Having employees tell stories about their experience working at the company builds a genuine connection with candidates. 

5. Get everyone involved 

Your employees are your best asset when it comes to building your employer brand. Their words help shape and define how a company will be perceived. Recruiting employees to care about your employer brand can be a challenge sometimes but letting them know the impact that they will have on the company and on future hires can help persuade them to participate in recruitment marketing efforts. 

There are many ways to start building your employer brand strategy but it all has to start with understanding who you really are and what you truly value as an organization. From there you will be able to leverage technology and engage your employees to participate in amplifying your employer brand. 

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