Video Job Posting

We build video job postings by creating micro-videos that are connected on a landing page and in one video file.

What is a Video Job Posting?

Video Job Postings are short videos that give candidates more context about the role and interview process typically recorded by a recruiter, hiring manager, or someone in the role.

Where should you share Video Job Postings?

Get your video job ads in front of candidates, wherever they might be.

Video Job Posting Framework

Our simple framework will make scaling video job ads easy. Reuse video components in future video projects.

Just a quick intro so candidates can meet the hiring manager, recruiter, or anyone they might be interviewing with.

Here are some prompts for your employees:
Say your name, job title, and length of employment.
Describe your role in the interview process.
Share how you interact with this role on a day-to-day basis.
Share why you are excited about hiring for this role.
Give more details about the role that you might not see on the job posting.

Here are some prompts for your employees:
Talk about the top three responsibilities for this role.
Highlight growth opportunities.
Share any expectations for someone starting in this position.
Explain why this position is onsite, remote, and/or hybrid?
Explain to candidates what you're looking for in applicants.

Here are some prompts for your employees:
Explain any required certifications and/or licensures.
Talk about a skill set that is missing from the team right now. 
Share any to the skill set someone who has succeeded in this role before.
Explain the interview process for this role and/or your company.

Here are some prompts for your employees:
What tech stack do you use?
How can the candidates best prepare for an interview with your company?
Will they be interviewing in person or remotely?
Are assignments or assessments part of the process?
How long do you anticipate the interview process to be?
Let the candidates know what to do after they finish watching the video.

Here are some prompts:
Apply for the job directly on your website.
Direct candidates to connect with the hiring manager or recruiter on LinkedIn.
Ask candidates to follow you on social media for more information.
Allow candidates to schedule a time to speak with a recruiter.

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